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Murwillumbah Banora & Tweed City reputable specialists in podiatry services

When your feet or lower limbs cause you pain or discomfort, seek professional help from Better Health Podiatry in Murwillumbah, Banora Point and Tweed Heads South. We specialise in podiatry services and treating various uncomfortable foot conditions in both children and adults. Your feet keep you mobile every day, so make sure you seek the best foot care available.

Our experienced podiatrists welcome patients of all ages to come to any of our four modern podiatry clinics. You can always rely on Better Health Podiatry to provide leading podiatry services, advice and treatments to ensure you and your feet both live in comfort.

Professional treatment

Better Health Podiatry treats a wide range of foot problems and related complaints including skin conditions, postural issues, tendonitis, flat feet and sports injury, as well as knee, hip, back and foot pain. We provide ongoing rehabilitation and recovery support at our podiatry clinics in Murwillumbah, Banora Point and Tweed Heads South.

Our caring podiatrists have been providing the highest quality of podiatry services and effective treatments for over 16 years. Whatever your foot complaint, we promise to offer a complete and tailored treatment plan to get you on the road back to full recovery.


Orthotics can help correct and stabilise postural issues and subsequent problems in the rest of the body. We provide medical shoe inserts that are custom made for your foot and specific problem to enhance the way your feet function. Orthotics specifically made for your foot structure and sporting activity help to also prevent sports-related injuries.

Incorrect foot alignment, abnormal walking patterns and common conditions like flat feet can be rectified with orthotics. To relieve and prevent pain in your feet, legs, knees, hips and back, Better Health Podiatry will carry out a thorough assessment to prescribe an effective solution.

Expert advice

As part of our leading podiatry services, our friendly team can provide you with expert advice on how to maintain healthy and comfortable feet. Whatever your favourite sporting activities, we can recommend the right strengthening and stretching exercises, joint manipulation, acupuncture, toe and foot devices to ensure you can carry on taking part in sports with confidence.

As specialists in foot care, we can also advise you on the correct footwear for your sport to help prevent further potential problems with your feet. Sportsmen and sportswomen, dancers and athletes throughout Murwillumbah and surrounding areas turn to us for advice on staying active and mobile.

Call us today to speak with your local experts in quality podiatry services!

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